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About Me

A little bit about Cynthia Holmes of!

After many years of raising three children and taking them to their sports activities, I decided to take up tennis!

This is how it happened. As I sat at a back to school night, the teacher went around the class and asked, what are your hobbies?  I thought about it…taking care of my family was my hobby.  I remember saying sewing.   Sewing was fun for me, but wasn’t my passion.  That always sat in the back of my mind…what is my hobby?  My husband and I joined a country club. He loved to golf. I wasn’t a golfer. He said, why don’t you try tennis.

I walked down to the tennis courts and spoke to the tennis pro (Mike Watson). He shared with me when I could come out for the club’s tennis drills. I bought a racquet, a tennis skirt and tennis shoes…and tried tennis. I loved it. At that point, I fell in love with the sport. I love to travel, play tennis, and watch tennis.  I found my hobby — tennis!

My first husband passed away at the age of 45. I stopped playing tennis. One day my daughter said to me, “mom, why’re don’t you play tennis?” I said, “I can’t. I’m sad. I don’t feel like doing anything.” She said, “dad, always told me to find something you love, and do it…like mom loves tennis.” That was the day I decided to play tennis again. I will always thank my daughter for encouraging me to go back to tennis.

A few years later, I met William. We started dating, It was a long distance relationship. We would pack up our tennis racquets and travel.  William, was not a tennis player at the time, but through the years has grown his game; which started with our tennis travel!

Since 2016, I have become a PTR certified tennis instructor. I love teaching kids and adults tennis. It truly makes me happy to share my love for the game with the man who taught me how to play and teach tennis, Mike Watson!

Last year I suffered a terrible ankle injury.  At one point, I thought my love for tennis was over. During my down time I have worked on more content, traveled to tennis venues on crutches, and worked on getting myself to a place where I can play tennis again. With the help of a great surgeon, excellent physical therapist team and support from my wonderful husband and my great friends, I am slowly getting back to my hobby, my passion…playing tennis, travelling and playing or watching tennis, and teaching tennis again!

Tennistravelsite provides reviews of different places we have visited with tennis and other tennis topics!

New: We will be posting itineraries for those who would enjoy our personal tennis experiences!  We are always adding content to tennistravelsite, so keep coming back!


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  • Tennis experience:

    • Plays tennis for 20 plus years

    • USTA and league tennis teams, current player and former captain of many teams

    • USPTA - Certified Tennis Professional

    • PTR – Tennis Instructor

    • UTR events coordinator

  • Tennis Details:

    • Plays with Wilson Clash

    • Favorite tennis outfit brands at the moment: Athleta and Adidas

    • favorite men’s professional tennis player: Rafa Nadal

    • favorite women’s professional tennis player: Serena William

  • Travel Rewards programs:

    • Loyal Marriott Bonvoy Rewards member

    • Loyal United MileagePlus member

    • Loyal Hertz member

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