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Can you guess where to vacation and play tennis in the winter? The Ritz Carlton, Cancun

The Ritz Carlton, Cancun, Mexico

Date(s) visited: May 2015, January 2016

Why The Ritz Carlton, Cancun, Mexico?

When considering Cancun, Mexico as a tennis destination, my first thought was “Spring Break.” However, the favorable reviews of the resort, along with the warm climate gave us enough reason to give the resort a chance. Our first visit to the resort was during William’s birthday week. A few months later, when we were planning our New Year’s tennis vacation, we immediately decided to return to the Ritz Carlton, Cancun, Mexico. Ritz Carlton, Cancun, Mexico rolls out the red carpet for its guests at the resort, and the tennis court!


The concierge was happy to make a tennis court reservation for us, pre-arrival.

There are two well maintained, immaculate hard court, tennis courts on the property, with lights. There is a tennis professional on call. Call in advance, or when you arrive at the resort, for a private lesson, or semi-private lesson, there are no organized tennis drills.

  1. Tennis courts offer shade in the morning, on both courts (key for hot mornings)

  2. Hard courts are in excellent condition, very clean!

  3. All you need is a partner, tennis racquet, tennis clothes and shoes. Attendants bring you tennis balls, towels, a cooler with bottled water, eucalyptus soaked, and refreshing iced towels to cool off between games.

  4. Each time we played, we were asked if there is anything they can provide us to make our experience, better.

RESORT EXPERIENCE: We stayed at the Club level at this beautiful resort. The staff was very welcoming, from the moment we stepped out of our car, and throughout our stay. We were escorted to the club level, where the staff welcomed us with a line of staff, reception, offering us each a glass of champagne, as we checked in.

  1. Club level

  2. Several presentations, food and drink throughout the day in a private lounge with dedicated concierge

  3. extensive tequila bar is rolled out in the evening

  4. Before you check out, the staff at the club level sign a card with well wishes, inviting you back to come back soon!

  5. Resort – Entertainment every evening, to listen or dance to a variety of songs

  6. Beautiful views, beach, pools and close to restaurants and night life

  7. Do not drink the tap water, or brush your teeth with the water. The resort offers plenty of bottled water.

TIP: Order car service to and from property. It will expedite your journey to the resort from the airport. $50-100 each way, depending on how many people in your party.

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