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Marina del Rey, California –

Marina del Rey, California was our destination for a long birthday weekend celebration.    Our trip was very exciting for many reasons: my husband’s birthday (#55), warm California sun, and the fact that I was finally going to be able to step on the tennis court, after many months of rehabbing from my ankle surgery.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, California -

Traveling post ankle surgery has been challenging.  My status in my ankle surgery recovery timeline was more full weight bearing, introducing sport back into activity.  During the other phases, I went from non-weight bearing, to partial weight bearing, to now full weight bearing.  I had just graduated from wearing my air cast.  That was my last security blanket.  My doctor instructed me to  wear an ankle brace for support, during activities, indefinitely.  So at this point, I’ve learned that when traveling by airplane with an ankle injury,  to remember to wear compression socks, which helps with the swelling.  I also found a sling, which provides the ability to elevate your foot during flight.    Other things to remember, an ice bag, to ice your injury, and an ankle brace.  (travel tip: when traveling while injured, take advantage of the special assistance offered by the airlines.  It is less stressful, and will help you get to your destination, safely).    We were very anxious to see how I measured up on the tennis courts, as set by my surgeon’s expectations.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, California -

We chose to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, because of our brand loyalty, the location and the two tennis courts on property.    Our club level room overlooked the Marina, as well as the tennis courts.  The US Open blue tennis courts were as inviting as the calm marina water.  The staff at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey welcomed my husband, on his birthday with bottles of champagne and a birthday card.  The club room’s view of the Marina made it very relaxing, during our weekend.  As we looked onto the marina, we were told it could be arranged for guests to charter one of the yachts in the marina.  We thought that was a great option; however, we were there to play tennis and visit the spa!  The club room staff made sure we were comfortable, and seemed to anticipate our needs well…for instance, they made sure that I had gluten free options and that our glasses were always filled with our choice beverage.  We felt that the club room staff went out of their way to make our weekend special, which was true to the Ritz-Carlton brand that we have come to love and count on for remarkable visits.

Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, California -

The day we arrived was important, because it was a milestone in my post ankle surgery recovery.  I had been keeping my eye on this target for months, and the day finally arrived.  As soon as we checked in, we requested tennis court time.  (Tennis tip:  Court reservations, tennis lessons and group tennis lessons may be booked with the resort concierge).  We were able to play on one of the two courts.  My husband and I stepped on the courts and immediately started hitting tennis balls, short court, with my new tennis racquet, the Wilson Clash.  I was tentative at first, but then with each shot, I grew confident.  We only hit for thirty minutes, but it was one of the happiest days since my surgery.  I was back.   With that, we were happy that we had tennis courts on property, as we could play a little more each day.

The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey also had a fitness center and spa, which was adjacent to the swimming pool.   We decided to book a couples massage for my husband’s birthday weekend celebration.  The Sisley Spa was perfect, after a couple of days of hitting tennis balls.  We were able to relax and enjoy the resort’s amenities during our long weekend as we decided on our next adventure.  There were many things to do in the local area, such as going to the beach in Venice Beach (known as muscle beach), shopping and even go to a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

Sisley Spa, Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, California -

My husband has been a Dodger fan since he was a young boy, growing up in California.  Not only were the Dodgers playing a home game during our stay at Marina del Rey; but, William’s favorite pitcher had the start for the evening, Clayton Kershaw.  When we walked up to the stadium (post surgery tip: I brought my temporary handicap placard so the hike to the stadium wouldn’t be too traumatic to my ankle), my husband shared that he hadn’t been to Dodger Stadium since he was 12 years old.  I had been to other baseball stadiums, but truly liked the “old time” feel of Dodger Stadium.  It was all about the baseball, as the stadium was in original form.

There are many places to stay in the Los Angeles area.  We chose Marina del Rey because we desired a special weekend which included a birthday celebration, reintroduction to tennis, spa time, and a trip to Los Angeles Dodgers game.  Happily, the Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey resort hit the mark of the Ritz- Carlton spirit of home away from home.

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