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Mother’s Day last minute tennis gift ideas! –

Mother’s Day is easy for tennis players!  There are so many wonderful last minute gift ideas that will make any mom, who loves tennis, feel loved on Mother’s Day.  So buy a nice flower bouquet and check out some of my favorite Mother’s Day tennis gifts!

  1. Hand moisturizer. – Tennis hands and feet take a beating when playing tennis.    I like the hand moisture cream from Trader Joe’s!  It helps prevent calluses by keeping your hands soft (tip: combine this with a manicure gift certificate!).

  2. Fun tennis skirt or shirt. – I love Lacoa shirts and skirts. They are fun and unique.  My favorite shirt is the Tennis Addict shirt and my favorite skirt is the Tattoo Skirt.  Select the Lacoa link for a 10% discount and free shipping on all orders!

  3. Tennis balls! – Your mom will love that she’ll have an endless supply of tennis balls for the spring and summer!  My favorite can of tennis balls is ProPenn!  For last minute go to your local sporting goods store or tennis pro shop.  If you have time, buy on Amazon or an online tennis store!

  4. Manicure/pedicure gift certificate. – A gift certificate at your mom’s favorite nail salon! (tip: couple the gift certificate with some lotion)!

  5. A Swell water bottle. – One of my favorite gifts from my son’s girlfriend was a pink swell water bottle.  The water stays amazingly cold.  There are other brands.  I just picked up a super cute water bottle on my travels!

  6. Massage gift Certificate. – A gift certificate or gift card from your mom’s favorite massage therapist.

  7. Tennis outfit. – You can go a couple of ways on picking out an outfit for your mom

  8. An outfit in your mom’s favorite color.

  9. An outfit that your mom’s favorite player wears (I’m a big Serena Williams fan; however, I’m a new fan of up and coming player Naomi Osaka. I love her red and black Adidas outfit).

  10. Tennis bag. – My favorite line of tennis bags can be found on and other online tennis stores have many types of bags to choose from.  You just have to decide, does mom like a tote bag, a large bag to hold everything, or even a back pack.

  11. Tennis lesson. – A gift certificate for a tennis lesson with your mom’s Tennis Pro. Call your tennis pro or tennis club for the gift certificate!

  12. Tennis weekend. – Surprise your mom with a tennis weekend. Check out my blog, for ideas on tennis weekends!  Here are a couple of my favorites (resorts that has awesome tennis opportunities on property)!  On the east coast, my favorite to recommend is The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Florida.  On the west coast, I would recommend The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay, California!

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