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Tennis girl’s birthday list –

Each year, my husband asks me what I would like for my birthday.  I always respond with  “anything in a blue box!”   I received a beautiful blue box, with super cute coffee cups.   Not exactly what I was imagined, but I do smile every time I drink my coffee!  At this stage in my life, my goal is to be balanced with activities in addition to tennis, such as:  golf, swimming, hiking, traveling, ballroom dancing, gardening and helping others, to name a few.   So, here is this tennis girl’s birthday list!

  1. Tennis tickets:  This tennis girl always enjoys going to the US Open to watch some amazing tennis in New York.  It is always exciting to watch your favorite players, especially during the first weekend, when there are so many courts to watch.

  2. Tennis racquet.  There are so many to choose from…always looking for recommendations of great (winning) tennis racquets!  Please share your ideas for tennis racquets!

  3. Tennis bag.  My favorite brands for tennis bags are Tory Sport and Stella McCartney.  Filled with my favorite tennis match needs:  overgrips, hair ties, electrolyte tablets, tennis balls, tennis hats, swell water bottle, tennis towels, etc.

  4. Spa  – After a long match, there is nothing better than a spa treatment, whether it is getting your hair done or nails and toes. This tennis girls loves Dolce  Salon and Spa for hair and spa in Millburn, NJ.  Angel Tips in for manicures and pedicures for the tennis girl!    Spafinder gift certificates are great for traveling.

  5. Golf/Swimming/Hiking/exercise. After a few years, this tennis girl is slowly picking up golf again (I love to practice hitting golf balls, more than playing golf).  I am looking for golfhead covers for my clubs such as Ame and Lulu.   I’ve recently starting swimming again, and have gone to a few water aerobics classes (great low impact cross training for tennis).   Hiking is something you can do with your love family, friends, or hiking group (it is not safe to hike alone).  At first I really did not enjoy hiking, but then after a couple hikes, I was addicted.    I’m thankful to TJ Hiker for challenging me and encouraging me to embrace hiking.   There are so many great activities out there, so gift certificates are always a great idea!

  6. Bracelet (not in a blue box!) – I found some beautiful stretchy bracelets that are perfect, especially when you are traveling. They match everything and add a little bling to your outfit.

  7. Travel bag – When traveling, it is important to travel light.  My goal is to pack exactly what I need. The key is a good carry-on roller bag filled with packing bags.  I pack each bag by category, and fill my carry on roller bag.  It is easy to pack and unpack!  I have my eye on the Genius Pack carry on bag.

  8. Tennis lesson – As Cam from fitness camp used to say, “refuse to stay the same!”   I love being able to make adjustments to my game, to improve the game I love with my favorite tennis teaching professional.

  9. Tennis weekend – weekend away with my love, family or friends to a tennis destination.   Although I love to discover new places to visit and play tennis,  my favorite place to visit, especially for my birthday, is the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Florida.  This resort has it everything this tennis girl loves:  Tennis, beach, spa, pool and great service and restaurants.

  10. ALS– One of my dearest friend’s husband is suffering from ALS.  Donating to the ALS organization will contribute to finding a cure.

My husband knows his tennis girl very well.  He knows that I stop for coffee on my way to work everyday. He was right on the money with my Tiffany coffee cups.  Why not drink out of the best coffee cups to start each day!  It is always difficult to answer the question, what would you like for your birthday?  I’m hoping this tennis girl has given you some out of the (blue) box ideas for birthday gifts!  Please feel free to share your birthday gift ideas!

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