The beautiful Japanese Rose Gardens will make you want to play tennis in Portland, Oregon

Rain, rain, go away!  Tennis in Portland, Oregon?

Dates visited: September 15, 2016 Portland, Oregon

Who knew you can play tennis in the beautiful Portland Japanese Rose Gardens? I grew up in Portland, Oregon; so, I was not a stranger to the rain. Finding outdoor tennis opportunities can be a challenge. What a delight it was to visit the city of Roses, Portland, Oregon, in the Fall, on our quest to play outdoor tennis in Portland.

We ventured to the Japanese Rose Gardens to play tennis. The public tennis courts looked weathered, but the charm of the rose lined fences, overlooking Portland with a panoramic view of Oregon could not be outdone. We played singles on the Japanese Rose Garden tennis courts, in awe of the beautiful view surrounding us.

Afterwards, we opted for another Portland must see adventure; a short drive up to the historical Pittock Mansion. The view of Portland and the mountains in the distance, did not disappoint. Additionally, amidst the wooded forest, there were inviting hiking trails. We hiked the trail…knowing we were going to visit Voodoo Doughnuts and maybe a winery or two afterward.

  1. Tennis in Portland

  2. Washington Park tennis courts (Japanese Rose Gardens) Washington Park Tennis

  3. Portland Tennis Center (we played indoors on a prior visit) Portland Tennis Center

  4. Places to visit

Pittock Mansion

Voodoo Doughnut (original location) in Southwest Portland Voodoo Doughnut

In early May, the Rose Festival, waterfront Portland Rose Festival waterfront activities

Erath winery, Dundee Oregon (Pinot Noir winery) erath winery

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