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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nevada –

Imagine playing tennis on the 14th floor of a Las Vegas Resort! There were many resorts to choose from during our trip to Las Vegas.  Each resort was brighter and bigger than the next. The two rooftop tennis courts on property compelled us to select The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas (Ritz-Carlton partner property).

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip was minutes away from the McCarran airport. We rented a car and headed to our hotel, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Just like the commercials, the resort was all about glamour, fun and excitement! When we checked in to our room, there was a separate check in lounge. The lounge provided a point of relaxation as well as personalized service for Marriott members with gold or above status. We very much appreciated the hot coffee/tea station plus unlimited bottles waters!

Rooftop tennis

The tennis courts were located in the 14th floor along with the spa and fitness center and access to the pool and outdoor spa area. The fitness center was large and spacious with views overlooking the Las Vegas strip. The spa looked inviting (Sahra Spa & Hammam).  The fitness center was full of people working out, overlooking the tennis courts as well as the Las Vegas strip. When we checked in for tennis we had to complete a fitness center waiver. There was one singles court and one doubles court.  The courts do not have lights, so only day time play on the shaded courts!   Despite my injured ankle (tip: I’ve been successful using the Donjoy POD Performance ankle brace, if I limit my tennis), we hit some tennis balls on the rooftop court.  William had never played on a singles court, so this was a first for him (a tennis singles court is a smaller tennis court because it does not have the double alley).   (Travel tip: Las Vegas has high altitude: 3000 feet above sea level).

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nevada -

We were only in Las Vegas for one night, so did not have the time to explore everything there was to do….but, all the more reason to return to this great city!  On our flight home, the couple behind us noticed we had our tennis racquets.  They asked us if we had played tennis!  I was happy to share our experience so I asked them, “do you play tennis?”  They said, we are obsessed with tennis and wished they had played tennis on the trip.  We immediately connected and talked about different places to play tennis and having a balanced trip (the goal of

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