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This will make you want to add to your Orlando vacation – tennis and more at the Ritz Carlton,

4012 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando, FL 32837 407-206-2400

OVERVIEW OF TENNIS RESORT:  Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando, Florida is connected by a convention center to the JW Marriott.   The resort is located in Orlando, Florida, close to attractions such as Disney World.  We stayed one night at this resort.  Customer service was excellent.  The tennis courts were average consider most staying at the resort take advantage of the beautiful golf course onsite.  The Teaching Tennis Pro shared with us that Orlando has developed a beautiful tennis facility near the airport.  USTA National Campus, Lake Nona.  (USTA National Campus – tennis facility)


Four tennis courts.  One has a basketball court on it.

We checked in to the Orlando Grande Lakes Ritz Carlton, and immediately reserved a tennis court to play singles with the concierge.    So we walked down to the courts.  From the Ritz Carlton, it is a nice walk to the tennis courts.  The walk takes you through the pool, and out the back gate, to the path next to the lake.  Walk past the JW Marriott.  When the path reaches the road, the tennis courts are to the left.  Cross the street, to the tennis courts.

Tennis clinics/drills:  Wednesdays, 9 – 10 a.m., $45 per person, minimum 2 players. Reservations required.For reservations call (407) 393-4684

There was a little disconnect with reservations, although it did work out.  So a little patience goes a long way!  We made reservations to play tennis; however, all the courts were being used, and had been previously been booked.  The books between the resorts aren’t always updated.  The Pro was also confused when we walked on the next morning to play tennis.  He didn’t have our name written down in the books, although we had signed up at the JW Marriott the day, prior.  He was very interested in providing feedback about this to the resort.    During it’s busy season, the resort may consider adding a small tennis pavilion for reservations.    The resort provided great service in delivering a key to the tennis courts to our room, which made it less of burden to go check the key out at the JW Marriott!    When you walk past the JW Marriott pool towards the tennis courts, notice a beautiful, remarkable raised vegetable garden to the left of the lake.

TIP:  Contact concierge, for personal delivery of the tennis court key and reservations.  Tennis balls may be purchased at the JW Marriott (pool activity hut), Lastly,   book your court in advance before walking down to the tennis courts.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the courts from the Ritz Carlton.

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