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On our first Mediterranean cruise, our stop in Naples was an exciting day of visiting Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast.  Both of those excursions were fantastic. We did hear about how fabulous Capri was from other cruisers.   This trip, Capri, was definitely on our radar. When we looked into tennis opportunities, we found a tennis club in the center of town, within walking distance.  Much to the surprise of our fellow passengers, we left for our trip to Capri, in our tennis outfits and with our tennis racquets.  We had the entire day in Capri, so we planned it by starting our day with tennis.

Capri, Italy -

Capri, Italy –

Our Capri Tennis Experience

Prior to our trip, we had arranged with the Tennis Club Capri for an hour hitting session with their tennis Professional. When we emailed the club for tennis, we received an immediate positive response to our request, with instructions that the courts were in walking distance from the center of town, in Capri!  The lesson price was very reasonable (40 euros per hour). We have played tennis in beautiful places, but playing tennis in Capri was very special as the tennis courts were nestled amongst the beautiful vegetation and buildings of the island.   The excursion we chose through the ship was Capri on your own.  We were provided with a guide who led us, a short walk across the port to a jetfoil boat, which quickly transported us to the beautiful island of Capri.  When we arrived at Capri, we were told what time to meet back at the meeting area, near the dock for our return ride back to the Napali port.

Capri, Italy - Mediterranean Cruise -

Capri, Italy – Mediterranean Cruise –

Capri is made up of three levels, the Marina, Capri and Anacapri.  Directly outside the port, we were able to ride the funicular tram up Monte Solaro from the Marina to Capri. With assistance from google maps, we found the facility by walking up cobblestone paths, next to the Ristaurante Villa Verde, nestled in the neighborhood of hotels and shopping (Dolce & Gabbana directly in front of the club).  Our teaching tennis Pro (certified tennis professional by FIT – Federazione Italiana Tennis), Francesco greeted us! We were very excited that he spoke English. It was great fun playing tennis with Francesco.  The Tennis Club Capri had three tennis courts (two hard courts and one red clay court), two locker rooms and a Pro Shop. We always take one or two things away from our hitting sessions with Pros. This time Francesco stressed to us, even when you warming up your serves, take steps into the court as you complete the serve follow through.  

Tennis Club of Capri -

Tennis Club of Capri –

After our lesson, Francesco (did I tell you he looked like Novak Djokovic?) showed us around the facility, and then walked us to the main street.  The restaurant directly next to the facility (Villa Verde) had photos of celebrities (for instance, Gerard Butler!) who have dined at the restaurant in a window display, outside of the restaurant…so, you never know if you go, you may be dining with a celebrity.  It was definitely hard to leave this tennis experience; but we were equally excited to explore the rest of the island.  

Cynthia getting ready for tennis - Tennis Club of Capri -

Cynthia getting ready for tennis – Tennis Club of Capri –

Exploring the island of Capri

After our fantastic tennis session with Francesco, all cleaned up, it was time to explore the rest of Capri.  We could not resist taking the pink convertible taxi up to Anacapri.  We had a beautiful blue sky day.  Our drive up to Anacapri was full of awesome views of the island, as far as you could see.  The roads were called Mamma Mia, because that is what you say when you are driving the narrow roads.  We felt very safe on our drive with our experienced taxi driver.

As we neared Anacapri, we noticed the Monte Solero chairlifts, which would take up to the top of the island.  Although the single rider chairlifts were high above the ground, it was a quiet, reflecting ride as you couldn’t help but enjoy the amazing scenery of the beautiful island.  Once off the chair lift, we ventured over to the lookout where we took advantage of another great photo opportunity.  Going back down, there was an option, either take the chair lift, or hike.  Many chose to hike the hillside trails, which of course, would have been easier on the way down!   On our way down, I saw a man holding his puppy dog in his lap on the chairlift.  That was one brave puppy!

We decided to use the rest of our day, shopping in Anacapri and Capri.  After we bought a few things in Anacapri, such as beautiful ceramic platter and scarves, we made our way back down to Capri.  We had to take another convertible taxi ride, this time in a green one.  The ride down to Capri was just as beautiful as the ride up!

After doing a little more shopping in Capri, we headed down to the Marina level of the island, where we decided to dine at one of the restaurants.  By the way, you can buy gluten free pizza or pasta in Italy!  The restaurant staff was super friendly, as we had a relaxing meal, in their outdoor seating area!

When we first embarked on our excursion, something caught our eye.  It was an advertisement for a remarkable watch worn by a professional tennis player.  It was a watch with a tennis court on the face, with a tennis racquet as the hand on the face of the watch.   We kept seeing advertisements for the watch.  Each time we saw it, it made me want to go into the watch shop to check it out.  There were many Capri Watch stores throughout Capri, which proved to be a gentle reminder to fulfill our curiosity!  We walked into the Capri Watch store and asked about the tennis watch.  We were shown several watches in many colors.  After a long deliberation with the patient salesman, it was quite clear that we were going to buy a red (my favorite color) tennis Capri watch.    We asked if it was possible to purchase the watch outside of Capri.  We were told that you could only buy the watch in Capri, at Capri Watch, or online.  Every time I wear my tennis Capri Watch, I think of our most fabulous day on the island of Capri!

After a wonderful day of tennis, sight seeing, shopping and dining, we decided that Capri was indeed the island of love.  From the moment we stepped onto the magical island, we could not get enough…from the warm welcome we received at the Tennis Club of Capri, to the beautiful views from the top of Anacapri.   Tennis begins at love … the island of love, Capri, Italy!

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