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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts –

Most dads do not take the time to shop for themselves when it comes to tennis.  So, with Father’s Day approaching quickly, there are many options for the tennis loving dad, to make his day.   You can go to your local tennis Pro shop, sporting goods store or order on one of many tennis stores websites.  Here are some of my favorite tennis father’s day gifts!

A case of ProPenn tennis balls.   The scenario is usually this:  On the drive to the tennis courts, you ask your partner, “do you have a can of tennis balls?”  And they look at you with panic in their eyes and say, “no, do you have?”  So just in time for the summer season, a few cans or a case of tennis balls will ensure a relaxing start to any tennis match!

A new tennis bag.  There are so many options for tennis bags.  My husband likes to carry a lot in his tennis bags (extra shirts, extra racquets, tennis balls, my hair ties and things I may have forgotten in my tennis bag….).   A friend has an awesome tennis bag that he received as a gift, the Tenifibre Rackpack ATP Pro Bag.  This spacious bag would also make a great travel tennis bag.  Another way to choose a tennis bag is to look at the brand of tennis racquet your “dad” uses, and select a bag based on that criteria.  For instance, does he use a Wilson racquet?  If so, there are many Wilson bags to choose from!

For the dad who loves gadgets, there are many out there.  One that seems pretty amazing is the PIQ Babolat Swing Analyzer.  Basically you wear this on your wrist, and it tracks all aspects of your game.  After his game, he can check out his stats on his smart phone.

Another great gadget is the Fitbit Versa.  It tracks steps and exercise, as well as syncs with the application within the smartphone.  I like the Fitbit Versa because it is water resistant.  After using both the Fitbit Versa and the Apple Watch, I have to pick the Fitbit Versa because it holds it charge for five days versus one day.

One of my favorite father’s day gifts is to buy tickets to a professional tennis match, such as the US Open or many other tournaments leading up to the US Open.  These tickets may be purchased on their website.   I usually research the ATP website’s calendar for which tournament location and date fits.  I’m looking at the 2018 Rogers Cup.  The ATP event is in Toronto, Canada the first weekend of August.

Lastly,  a private tennis lesson with your dad’s favorite teaching tennis Pro is a wonderful gift.  If you don’t have a favorite teaching tennis Pro, then call your local tennis club.  They will be happy to provide you with a Pro for your dad!

Does the game of tennis make your dad happy?  Then why not  encourage your dad to take time for himself and enjoy the wonderful game of tennis.

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