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Member since…a few perks will make you want a Platinum American Express!

I have used American Express Platinum for many years. I have often thought of getting rid of my AMEX card because I use my United Presidential Chase Mastercard and my Ritz Carlton J P Morgan Chase Visa card. I was a loyal Continental Airlines flyer. I used to have access to the Continental Airport Lounge with the American Express Platinum card. Back in the day, I used to use AMEX rewards points for Continental Airlines award travel. I almost dropped my AMEX card when their policies changed.  However, there are many reasons to have this card!

The benefits I like about AMEX Platinum is that they reimburse me for up to $200 of my designed airline traffic expenses (such as upgrade fee, any beverage, meal, snack or entertainment I purchase on a flight). The amount automatically is credited on my statement, until I have exhausted the $200 allowance.

A new perk, I need to share, is that AMEX Platinum has just partnered with UBER. Starting now, if you add your AMEX platinum card as your method of payment for UBER, you will automatically receive a $15 UBER credit, in your UBER account each month. In December, I’m supposed to receive an additional $20. Not only that, as an AMEX Platinum cardholder, you have automatic UBER VIP status (where available).

Another perk that I took advantage of, is the Global Entry, TSA pre, reimbursement. The fee for global entry is reimbursed as a statement credit. It is great to have the Global Entry, which means TSA Pre! No more long lines!

So the fee for AMEX platinum pretty much pays for itself if you travel by air, and use UBER! I’m glad I kept my AMEX card….member since!

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